Xiaomi Mi Wifi Extender Pro [REVIEW] Should YOU Get it?

Today I'm going to review Xiaomi Mi Wifi Extender pro. I bought it last week due to having difficulty connecting my Smart TV to the internet and I amaze how it fixes the problem of poor connection to our house. 

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Extender Pro is used to boost the wifi signal around dead spots around the house. Having concrete wall make it hard for routers to penetrate causing to have a slow internet connection. It is also impossible for a single router to accommodate the whole house to have a decent internet connection, By adding one or two Mi Wifi extender pro can make a huge difference.  It can cover dead-spots in the house by simply placing its best signal quality. BTW this is the cheapest 300MBPS router you can get in the market, you can grab it for 450 pesos. This device supports up to 64 devices connected simultaneously but Xiaomi only recommends 24 devices. This device supports 2.5Ghz wifi signals and doesn't detect newer 5ghz devices, please note that you won't get the full speed of your internet due to the fact of 2.5hz limitation.

This model replaces the old wifi repeater that used to be plug into a power bank plug or into the USB port of a computer. This new wifi repeater uses a wall socket A to power. Making it bulkier than its predecessor. 

Opening the box you will get the device itself and an instruction manual written in Chinese. The Wifi Repeater has a light indicator that turns blue if it's connected to the internet. There is also a reset button that needs to be pressed using a sim injector pin. As the instruction manual is useless for nonchinese readers. I created a video tutorial on how to set up for the first time your XIAOMI Mi Wifi Extender Pro.


1. Open app store/play store and download mi home. Mi home is the app needed to configure and sync all your Xiaomi devices including the wifi repeater.

2. Once downloaded, open the app, and sign up, I use my mobile number for registering, use email, or mobile phone whichever is more convenient to you.

3. Click the + sign in the upper right corner in the mi home app. Select the Wifi repeater pro and follow the on-screen instruction on your phone. And it's like that.

The question that everyone wants to get answer SHOULD YOU GET IT? My answer to that is YES! This is the cheapest repeater and delivers what is supposed to do. You can visit this to avail this product of Xiaomi. GRAB NOW!!!