WinRar - How to Password Protect a Rar File

Password Protect RAR File

WinRAR is one of the most dependable and well known program with regards to compressing and securing compressed data. RAR files are not supported natively by windows so you are required to install WINRAR to compress and extract it. RAR files helps you protect data with password and more convenient way to send files over the internet. With winrar installed you can compress file or software making it consumes less in your hard drive.


1. Download and install WinRar. Just go to rarlabs to download the latest version of the software. 

2. For this tutorial I have 2 PDF to use, Highlight the two file and right click it and a context menu          will appear click add to archive.

3. Click Set Password.

4. Enter your desired password and don't forget to tick encrypt file names.

5. Click Apply! Your files are now password protected.


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