WinRar: The 40 Day Trial That Last Forever

Everyone who frequently downloads files on the internet are familiar with WinRar. 
WinRar is developed by Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH, a file archiver and decompression software made for windows and lately for Android. It is a file archiver that can create, view and unpack archives in numerous archive file formats like RAR and ZIP. 

WinRar is a “test before you buy software”, you are given a 40 days trial to use. But as we all know after the trial expires nothing happens except the constant reminder about buying a license, you are still able to continue using the software without buying the said license.

You might think how winrar makes money if everyone can use it without buying a license, well this is part of their business plan. Winrar doesn’t make money on individual home users like us, they make money on big companies and corporations. Big companies buy licenses in bulk used for office and commercial purposes. Imagine having a multi million dollar presentation and the” free trial expired” pops up, the investor might not believe the idea because you can’t spend a few dollars for a software. 

Making it an infinite trial to use for individual users is beneficial to winrar having the large market share and free advertisement for future potential buyers.


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