How to Change USB Icons

Today I'm gonna show to how to change your default USB drive icons or HDD. Having many hard drives installed to your computers might confuse you because of the same icons they show. But if you have different icons to your HDD it is easier to find items and looks cool.

The default look of Removable drives like USB pen drives, Memory cards for phones and cameras can be changes using these 3 simple steps.

The default look of HDD.

1. First step is to find a good icon which will represent the removable drive. Make sure that the image has .ico extension. I find many cool icon here.

2. Open Notepad. Copy and paste the code below.


Make sure the the filename of the icon that you will use is the same as like in the code [Case Sensitive]. I marked it with red color for you to easily to notice. Save it to autorun.inf

3. Copy both files (autorun.inf and Icon file) to your removable drive. You can make both files as hidden,
if don’t want to see those files. Now unplug the drive and connect it back to USB and now you can see the effect of your customizations. I tried this in Windows XP!